Java Web Start dumped

We got some feedback that a (not so new) Java version pops up security warnings every time the Secure Wallet Deskop Edition tool is started. We agree that this is very annoying. Also, the technology used for this tool (Java Web Start) was not sufficient for our goal: we wanted to have a code that does not contain any platform-specific solution but still runs in all major platforms.

After analyzing the issues we decided that we won’t continue releasing more versions of the Java Web Start solution, we will switch to the regular, install-once-run-as-you-want pattern. In this case we’ll release software versions for the major platforms (Windows and Mac, for the time beeing) that can be installed the usual way and started without warnings.

There is a remaining task before we do the switch: the application should check if there is a new version of the software. Once this is done, we will start releasing Secure Wallet Desktop Edition.


New website engine

WordpressAfter a long pause, we’re here again.

The reason of the silence was simple: we had to work on customer projects and there was no time left for own projects, mostly not even for news about the mobile industry – that can be collected from other sites anyway.

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Android Jelly Bean refreshed and SDK released

Shortly after releasing the Android 4.1 version under the code name Jelly Bean Google came out with 4.2 recently. They might have been short on time, but no new name was chosen, the 4.2 release is called Jelly Bean too. Today Google announced the 4.2 SDK for download – this means all app developers can create apps that are optimized for this new Android version.

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New iPads: the Mini and it’s 4th generation big brother

Apple changed it’s strategy: they open to lower customer segments and have released the small-size iPad this October. They had to, because Android was getting significant market share with the 7-coll tablets and Apple was sure that there are still potential customers who would like to have an iPad but they could not afford it.

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iPhone 5: a must-have

The long-awaited 5th generation of iPhone has finally arrived. Most of the new features have been previously leaked, like the long, 16:9 ratio display and the thinner, lighter new design.

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Final, static Football Euro 2012 Widget

Although the 2012 European Football Championship is already over, we released yesterday another version of the Football Euro 2012 Widget app. You may ask why we invest development time in an app for which there’s no interest at all?

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Dropbox support for Secure Wallet

The latest release of Secure Wallet got an important feature: Dropbox support. You can read and edit the same secret file with your mobile device and with your PC or Mac.

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Jelly Bean announced

This year’s Google IO conference was really full with new announcements. One of the most important ones was the new, 4.1 Android release, called Jelly Bean. It’s not just a face-lifting of the Ice Cream Sandwich, it contains many new features.

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Secure Wallet released for Android

After some delay in the development, the Secure Wallet app has been released for Android. It allows to manage and store all your sensitive data in encrypted files that are stored on your mobile phone and can be copied to another devices or computers too.

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Euro 2012 Widget for final game

Just before the final game a new version of the Football Euro 2012 Widget app has been released that shows only the final game’s results. It also has a different color set (red and blue) which will change to red OR blue depending on which team wins.

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